23 iulie, 2013

The Serendipity Experiment – 21 september 2013 into zone Pyramid Lake, Oregon

Motto: Nothing is accidental in the universe, but sometimes things happen.

An overview on some creative-thought models and brainstorming.This experiment is intended to be continued The Philadelphia Experiment.A winf farm 33kv supplying an electrical circuit finally generate a perpetuum mobile.By placing the body of the sample (a coil) that will rotate at constant speed in the middle of installation made ​​of 12 coils arranged in the form of a cube, one can determine a region where the resultant forces of interaction between the electromagnetic field produced by the 12 coils and the electromagnetic field produced by the body of evidence, will void created by artificial light source bulb, so the body of evidence becomes invisible.
In that region, electromagnetic field, get proprieteti new undefined until now, it somehow creates a kind of perpetual motion, where the spectrum of light visible to outsiders, is invisible.
Coils are connected in series aditional.Electrical voltage is 33kv power.
Geometric shape of the spectrum was chosen so that the magnetic field produced around the coil, creating concentric circles, in which electric and magnetic field lines generate electromagnetic forcessignificant enough to alter the light spectrum by lightning.

principle of electromagnetic invisibility.Nothing is happening in this world, there is always a beginning

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